About TheGenuineLeatherShop.com

We at TheGenuineLeatherShop have a deep appreciation for the fashion, beauty, quality and enduring value of genuine leather.

TheGenuineLeatherShop was established after its owners found imitation leather terminology confusing and misleading for those who are not familiar with it. We wanted a place where shoppers could come and be assured they would find only genuine leather products featured.

Our selection of genuine leather products from well known companies and well known designers features something for every budget.

  • Authentic Designer Italian bags are featured for those of you who are inspired to carry luxuriously designed Italian made handbags.
  • Business bags are featured for those of you who want messenger and laptop bags that look professional and give the appearance of costing $200 to $300 more than their current price.
  • Motor cycle leather products are featured for those who want the breath ability, fit and skin protection offered by genuine leather.
  • Shoes are featured for banquets, weddings, the office and for those who have outdoor hobbies.
  • Boots are featured for those who live in cold winter climates, those who are cowboys and those who like the classy look of ankle and mid-calf footwear.
  • Gloves are featured for those whose manual labor requires hand protection, those who live in cold winter climates, those who weight lift and gardeners.
  • Accessories such as wallets, belts and jewelry are featured for those who like the fashion and durability of genuine leather.
  • I-Pad and Kindle cases, and book covers are featured for the technologically savvy and studious in our midst.
  • Skirts, suits and coats are featured for the ladies who like the snug fit and smooth lines of real leather.
  • Luggage is featured for those who like the protection and durable image leather provides.
  • Home and office furniture are featured for those who love the look, feel and comfort of leather seating.
  • Pet carriers and dog collars are featured for those pet lovers who want their pets to feel the comfort and strength of genuine leather.

Our companies are happy to pay us a small commission for marketing their products to a greater audience. Our commission is included as part of their marketing budget and does not affect the price you pay.

Our mission is to bring you the finest genuine leather products at great value.

We hope our selection increases your love for genuine leather and inspires your fashion style.