Best Leather Fashion

Have you ever purchased an expensive leather product and once you started wearing it, wondered why you bought it? Are you on a limited budget and would like to buy an authentic genuine leather product; however you are very concerned you may pick the wrong item and never live down your regret of having paid so much money on something that just isn’t you?

The following information is provided to help you think about the factors that influence you so you can select the leather fashion best for you. Know who you are and know about the leather you are considering.

Factors that reveal who you are and determine best leather fashion for you
The following questions are meant to be thought provoking. They are meant to make you think about whom you really are and what you really want when it comes to buying leather goods.

What is your view of style?
Are you someone who always wants to be decked in the latest fashion? Or do you like the tried and true styles that have endured many decades?

Do you get tired easily of clothes or accessories you’ve had for more than two years?
Do you like change often? Do you like being the trend setter? Do you become jealous of your friends when they get the newest and greatest styles and feel you must do the same? Are your feelings about yourself and what you think others think about you based on how you keep up with the Jones? If you must keep up with the latest style or set a new trend, have financial limitations and don’t have a way to recoup the money you invested in your latest trend purchases, it is recommended you look for a leather product that has a rich quality grain appearance that has been stamped on the third grade of leather known as split leather. If you have no budgetary constraints by all means buy a product that is full grain. This is the highest grade of leather and the markings of the original hide remain.
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Do you look at clothes and accessories as a status symbol?
Are you mingling in groups that wear high fashion? Do you need to wear high fashion to be accepted in the ‘group’?

Does your career require you to present an executive image?
Were you brought up with high quality fashion? Do your peers expect you to dress in high fashion? If you answered yes to most of these questions, it is recommended you purchase the best high quality fashion found in full grain leather. Top grain leather may be appropriate

How important are comfort, practicality and level of care for your leather product?
Can you endure something that is not comfortable? Is fashion more important that practicality? Are you concerned about how mishaps will affect your leather product? It is recommended you purchase your product from a merchant that accepts returns and read about the product material, features, and care before purchasing. Comfort, practicality and level of care are dependent upon the tanning process for full grain, top grain and split leather products.
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What are your personality traits and loyalties?
Do you think ‘black’ and ‘white’ or ‘gray’? Do you have a strong distaste for fake things made to look real? Are you a purist and look for the ‘real’? Do you find beauty in natural imperfections? If you appreciate natural imperfections and insist on the ‘real’, full grain leather products are for you. This grade of leather is tanned to preserve the natural grain and rich beauty of the hide. If you have financial limitations, top grain leather is a good second choice.

Know who you are before you make your leather product purchase. Style, status, personality, comfort, usage, budgetary limitations and personality do influence what grade and style of leather product will satisfy your desire for leather. Check out these pages for additional information on grades of leather and types of leather.
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May you have great success in finding the best leather fashion that will satisfy your dreams.