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Kenneth Cole Productions is the designer of the Kenneth Cole Leather Products brand named – Reactions, New York, Manhattan and Portfolio. Kenneth Cole is located in New York City, USA in the northeastern part of the United States and has produced leather products since 1982.

Kenneth Cole learned the leather business from his father. His aspirations led him to begin his own leather company in New York City. Initially funds were very tight and the only way he could afford to set up shop was by selling leather products from a borrowed semi truck. New York City would not grant him a license to sell from the truck unless he were a production company; hence this is why the name ‘Productions’ is part of the companies name. Kenneth wanted to remember his humble beginning; therefore many of his product names have theatrical overtones.

Reaction, New York, Manhattan and Portfolio leather products are the brand names for Kenneth Cole products. His leather products are made from Columbia cowhide rich full grain, calf skin top grain and suede leather.
The calf skins are tanned using chromium. Though the hides come from Columbia, the leather products are made in China.

For those products made from the full grain hide, the original grain of the hide is not altered by buffing to remove blemishes or create uniform thickness. Only the hair has been removed from the epidermis. This grade of leather has the best strength resulting in greatest durability and breath ability and comfort. This type of leather is finished only with a small amount of clear or semi pigmented coating to allow the natural beauty of the grain to show through. Each designed product has a unique surface.

For those products made from the top grain hide, the original grain of the hide may be sanded or buffed. The chrome tanning process is used. The original grain of the leather is not preserved. In some cases a new grain may be stamped on the leather.

For those products made from the split of the hide, the surface of the hide is suede and may be smoothed and polished or left with a nap.

Reaction, New York, Manhattan and Portfolio brand leather products range from leather bags (messenger, laptop, clutch, Kindle covers, hobo, cross body, cosmetic, and travel), wallets, shoes (Oxford, loafers, sandals, heels, and flats), belts, boots, jewelry and luggage.

Kenneth Cole Genuine Leather Products

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