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Latini Sartoriale Made In Itality Fine Leather Jackets
Latini Sartoriale, An Italian Company Established In 1972 By Maria Vittoria Latini, Holds A Made In Italy Certificate So Products Are Made With Exquisite Leather And Craftsmanship. They Are Known Worldwide For Their Prestigious Latini And Sartorial Collections Of Leather And Shearling Clothing For Men And Women.

Company Info

Designer Brand: Latini Sartoriale
Established: 1972
Location:  Via Volterrana Sud 69, 50025 Montespertoli, Firenze Italy
Contact: +39 0571674081
Company Slogan: Makers Of Leather Dreams Made In Italy
Company Ownership:
Latini Sartoriale is family owned. It originated in 1972 by Maria Vittoria Latini. In 1990 she was joined by her son Francesco Parrini who is also noted for his passion to create fashion and maintain the quality of skilled craftsmanship.

This factory is world renown for its skin craftsmanship, new ideas and manual skills. They take great care using their years of experience as they cut and sew each piece of leather.

They choose exclusive leathers from the best leather suppliers including Loro Piana, F.lli Piacenza, Zegna, and Moessmer. Their collections are made from pure aniline, nappa leather, shearling, and exotic leather such as Python, Mink, Seibu, and Fox.

Because Latini Sartoriali is known globally for their superior Italian Craftsmanship, it did not take them long to become a desired exporter of their exquisite products to the U.S.A., Japan, Europe, and Australia. Each of these countries has established Buying Offices including Florence, G.B. Giorgini, A.M.C., and Mazzoli. Their best American customers include Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Barney’s, Bloomingdale’s, Paul Stuart, and Bergdorf Goodman to name a few.

Product Lines: Real Leather Jackets For Men And Women.  In addition to making leather jackets, Latini Sartoriale is known for making cashmere coats and jackets.

Notable Facts: Latini Sartoriale is the place to visit when in Tuscany Italy. The factory is staffed with extremely talented crafts men and women. They use noting but the best high grade leathers. Their standards are high. They have been labeled as the shop that sets the gold standard for what  made in Italy means. Wearing their products is truly an exhilarating  experience.  Each garment is known for its style, comfort, strength, durability and elegance. Buying their products early in life means enjoying their quality for a lifetime.

Material Used:

Real Genuine Leather
Where It Comes From: The leathers used go through the pure aniline tanning process. Vegetable tanned leather is the most natural looking real leather because the tanning process is much more natural. Chemicals such as chrome are not used. Leather connoisseurs definitely prefer vegetable tanned leather because it has such a natural look with all of its grains and blemishes. It has the real leather smell and over time increases in luster and patina. Because the vegetable tanning process takes much longer, it is also more expensive than chrome tanned leather.

The leathers used include Nappa leather and  exotic leathers such as python, crocodile, and ostrich. 

Nappa, leather derived from lamb skins, is a higher grade of full-grained leather that features a largely unaltered surface with many natural characteristics. It is excellent for jackets because it is soft, strong, light weight and breathable. Cashmere is used for a lining.

Leather Selection

Full Grain Lamb Skin

Full Grain Calf Skin
Full grain lamb skin is very elegant fashion wise and is of the highest quality because it has not been sanded, buffed, or snuffed. It is processed using pure aniline tanning. The grain remains giving the hide strength and originality. High fashion jackets are made from lamb skin because it is light weight and very supple bending and moving easily and gracefully; It is very soft, very durable and includes the top grain and layer below it.

Nappa Lamb Skin Leather

Nappa Full Grain Lamb Skin Leather
Nappa leather lambskin is extremely soft, strong and durable, It is a fashion favorite. The outer layer of the skin is not removed, and no sanding, buffing, or other corrective actions  are taken to remove the skin’s natural marks. It is full grain.

Latini Sartoriale Leather Products

Latini is known for its high fashion real leather products. Their designers keep up with fashion styles and introduce new styles every season. Each piece is carefully cut from the best leather and hand crafted. This is not a shop that uses mass production.

Their jackets are designed and constructed by their finest skilled artisans so the garments will last a lifetime. Latini represents the epitome of quality in the Tuscan area of Italy.

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