Leather Fingerless Gloves Benefits

Discover the functional and fashion benefits of wearing leather fingerless gloves. Find out why more people are wearing them.

What are fingerless gloves?
Fingerless gloves are made so the entire fingers are not covered completely. Generally they cover the fingers to the knuckle or just beyond; therefore they are not completely fingerless. Some are completely fingerless and provide leather covering only to the fingers.

What are the benefits of fingerless gloves?

Fingerless gloves provide warmth for the hands; however they still allow one to grip, touch, and maneuver things. One of the first things to get cold when the thermostat is set low during cold months is the hands and fingers. When there is not enough money to pay high heating bills, alternatives are sought. Students are able to wear them and still take notes, type on their laptop keyboard, turn textbook pages, send text messages, and make phone calls. Carpenters are able to wear them and still operate their screw guns and saws, pick up screws or nails, and hold hammers or levelers. Chauffeurs are able to wear them and still turn the car key, control the steering wheel, pick up luggage, and finger through coins or bills. Mothers are able to wear them and still pin on a diaper, take notes, clean up messes, hold the baby, open jars, and do the laundry. Fathers are able to clean the car, take out the garbage, lock the doors and organize the garage.
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Fingerless gloves provide Absorption of perspiration; however they still allow one to hold, control or maneuver things. One of the first things that happen for those who exert a lot of energy is perspiring of the hands. Weight lifters are able to keep lifting because the leather fingerless glove breathes and keeps the perspiration inside the glove. Baseball players are able to keep batting with control. Machinists are able to keep control of their equipment without slippage due to perspiration. Motor cyclists and bikers are able to keep a good grip of the handle bars, throttle and other controls during the hot heat of the summer. Fishermen are able to keep a good grip on the fishing pool even though their palms are sweating.

Fingerless gloves provide protection while one performs activities they may cause injury to the hands or fingers. For carpenters, the gloves can absorb the sting of a hammer missing its target or slivers from wood. For motor cyclists, the gloves protect from scrapes. For factory workers, gloves protect from calluses where the same operation is performed repeatedly using the same portion of the hand. For lawn care takers, gloves protect from trigs, calluses, and scratches from bark and unknown objects.
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Fingerless gloves provide partial protection from dirt, chemicals and insects. For gardeners, the gloves keep the palm of the hand and part of the fingers clean as well as provide protection against insect bites. For lawn care takers, the gloves keep their hands clean from grass stain and provide protection against bug bites. For beekeepers, gloves protect their hands from being stung by bees when collecting honey. For workers with chemicals, gloves protect the hands against harmful chemicals.

Fingerless leather gloves provide fashion. For ladies who wear beautiful rings, the gloves whether wrist or elbow length show off a gorgeous ring. The eye sees the beautiful glove first, but follows the contour of the glove to the fingers and focuses on the ring. For stars like Ashlee Simpson, Kate Hudson and Janet Jackson, fingerless gloves add to the elegance or their fashionable dress wear.

Why fingerless gloves made of genuine leather?
Genuine leather is the most durable and strongest material for gloves. Genuine leather will not get a hole from repeated usage or tear. Real leather breathes rather than causes the hand to sweat. Leather absorbs shock and provides scratch protection.
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What kind of leather is used?
Leather fingerless gloves are commonly made from cow skin, pig skin, goat skin, lamb skin, deer skin and bison. Leather fingerless work gloves are usually made from cow, pig or goat skin. Fashion fingerless leather gloves are commonly made from lamb skin.

What fingerless leather glove styles are available?
Leather fingerless gloves may be padded for extra protection, lined for extra warmth and perspiration absorption, insulated for warmth, reflective for protection during evening hours, vented for coolness, and waterproofed for coverage during rain storm.

Why are fingerless leather gloves increasing in popularity?
Texting, e-readers, and touch screens are becoming increasingly popular. Fingerless gloves keep the hands warm for those living in cold climates and still allow one to control the cell phone, e-readers and touch screen. Cycling is becoming more popular as a sport and as a means of transportation to save money from high gas prices. Fingerless gloves protect the hands and still allow the driver to maintain control.
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Consumer ratings for fingerless gloves
The fingerless gloves found at Genuine Leather Wear are rated a ‘4’ or ‘5’ which is good to top notch. We want you to see those that other consumers are so happy to wear. Consumers like these leather gloves because they are very functional, fit well, have the great aroma of genuine leather and they are durable and strong.

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