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Rustic Town Leather Products
Rustic Town Leather features leather products made with natural leather tanning processes and the old traditional artisan craftsmanship to make your favorite real genuine leather bags, office, travel and personal accessories something beautiful to wear and use for a lifetime.

Company Info

Designer Brand: Rustic Town Leather
Established: 2017  Their parent company in India, PNR Crafts Pvt LTD,  is a 9 year old company with their leather bags factory in India.
Location:  2551 Sage Brush Lane   Sugar Land, Texas 77479
Contact: 1 281-915-9002
Company Slogan: Quality Handcrafted Vegetable Tanned Leather Goods By Skilled Artisans

Company Ownership:
Rustic Town Incorporated (Sugarland, Texas) is owned by the parent company PNR Crafts Pvt Ltd. New Delhi, Delhi 110092, India.

Pankaj Gupta, the current director of the parent company,  is also the one who began the company. He has a passion for leather, the desire to champion the old traditions of leather crafting – by hand not machine and using vegetable tanning not chrome, and passing his knowledge and skill to others who have the same passion and desire to bring life to leather by creating something useful and beautiful.

Most of the trained artisan start with a passion for leather but no hope for their lives. This is true for Raju, a sixth grade drop-out. Despite all odds of not having an education, Raju started working for a small shop selling leather belts and buckles. His curiosity about leather and how the belts were made grew.

Fortunately Raju became acquainted with Pankaj Gupta who took him under his artisan tutorship promising to help him learn the artisan way if  he promised to love leather and treat it as something special and precious.

Raju has done that and more. He says, “It’s a joy to create something magical. It involves a rigorous task – right from the start of tanning and stitching to finally tailoring a bag and assembling it. It’s a beautiful experience for me. I love the fact that our expertise helps in creating a design that’s owned and loved by so many around the world.

Product Lines: Real Leather Bags Of All Shapes And Sizes, Office Accessories, Media Device Cases, Aprons, Travel Accessories, Pet Accessories .

Notable Facts: Rustic Town Leather and their parent company are serious about at least three things: 1) Protecting the environment by using vegetable tanning, 2) Using the handcrafting skills of trained artisans and  teaching the skill to those who have real passion for leather 3) Using real leather not fake or faux leather.

Material Used:

Real Genuine Leather
Where It Comes From: Rustic Town’s parent company carefully selects hides and makes sure they are vegetable tanned, and functionally designed and handcrafted. Mass machine production is not supported by them. They use real genuine leather – buffalo  and goat.

When Used: Buffalo leather is used for bags for personal use, the office and travel, and accessories for the office, personal use and pets. Goat leather is used for backpacks, diaries, journals and other accessories. Buffalo leather is used for various collections of their product lines.

Leather Selection

Goat Skin

Rustic Town Goat Skin
Goal Skin leather is more valuable than sheep skin. Its skin is textured like a pebble with distinctive ridges.  It is suppler and softer than cow or buffalo leather because of the presence of lanolin in the leather. In addition, it is very light weight and more durable because it is water resistant. It is barely distinguishable from lamb skin leather.

Goat leather is used to make backpacks, messenger bags, laptop bags, diaries, journals and other accessories.

Suede Buffalo Leather

Rustic Town Suede Buffalo Leather

Buffalo Suede leather, also know as split leather, is the lower layer of the buffalo leather with a velvety velour feeling to it. It has good elasticity and strength, making it very resistant to pressure and burns. It cannot be ripped or burned easily.

This leather is used by Rustic Town for crafting grill and tool aprons.

Buffalo Leather

Rustic Town Buffalo leather

Buffalo leather responds well to the vegetable tanning process. Unlike cow hides, it is not stretched during the tanning process. Omitting stretching achieves two things: 1) Unstretched leather is stronger 2) The grain uniqueness, deeper grooved pores where the fibers are more widely spaced, does not change. Buffalo  grain is so unique from cow leather grain that artisans go to great lengths to keep its beauty.

Buffalo leather is thicker, up to three times thicker than cow leather, is very strong and can last a lifetime.  They say its durability is legendary. Even though it is strong, it is breathable which means that it absorbs and releases moisture. This gives it excellent temperature adaptation, as it adjusts to the temperature.

Rustic Town Leather uses Buffalo leather for

  1. Bags (Messenger, Laptop, Briefcase, Backpack, Ladies Crossbody Bags)
  2. Traveling (Bags, Carry On, Duffel, Dopp Kits, Shaving Bag, Toiletry Bag, Cosmetic Bag, Makeup Bag)
  3. Personal Accessories (Wallet, Photo Album, Clutch, Diary, Key Holder)
  4. Office Accessories (Pencil and Pen Pouch, Pencil Case, Portfolio, Padfolio, Organizer, File Folder, Journal, Notebook)
  5. Pet Accessories (Dog Leash, Dog Collar)
  6. Recreation (Knife Roll)

Rustic Town Leather Products

Rustic Town Leather is known for real leather products made from goat skin and buffalo leather. These leathers age nicely with patina. Only vegetable tanning is used and the products are all hand crafted. Their craftsmanship combined with the usage of real leather results in a product for your lifetime.

Knowing each craftsman makes each product with passion and care gives the owner a good feeling every time their products are used.

Rustic Leather Products

  • Bags – Casual, Office and Travel; Styles Include Satchels, Backpacks, Pouch, Wrist Bag, Handbag, Duffel, Messenger, Laptop
  • Office Accessories – Journals, Pencil Cases, Diary, Portfolio, Organizer, Padfolio
  • Small Accessories – Wallets, RFID Blocking Wallets, Key Holders, Knife Rolls, Grill Aprons
  • Travel – Toiletry Bag, Shaving Bag, Dopp Kit, Cosmetic Bag, Overnight Bag
  • Media Device Cases – IPhone Cases, Cell Phone Cases
  • Pets – Dog Collar, Dog Leash
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