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Scully Leather Company Craftsmen In Leather A Leather Legacy
Scully Leather Company Leaves A Leather Legacy Since 1906 With Jackets, Vests, Gloves, Bags, Chairs, Leather Accessories For The Office And The Home. Scully’s Quality Craftsmanship Is Displayed At the Smithsonian Institute And The Museum Of Flight In Seattle.

Company Info

Designer Brand: Scully Leather 
Established: 1906
Location:  1721 Pacific Ave Oxnard, CA 93033 which is in Ventura County and the Oxnard-Thousand Oaks-Ventura, CA Metropolitan Area., with over 3,000 stores worldwide.
Contact: 1-805-483-6339
Company Slogan: Craftsmen in Leather Since 1908 – A Leather Legacy
Company Ownership:
Scully Leather Company started as a family owned business in 1906, and still is privately held today with approximately 60 employees. The current CEO is Daniel J Scully III.

Scully is leaving a leather legacy by manufacturing Flight Jackets and Helmets for Pilots in WWI and WWII, making gloves and jackets for the Admiral Byrd Expedition to the Antarctic, and designing and making Traditional Clothing Embodying The Spirit Of The American Frontier in Academy Award-winning motion pictures. The design talent and craftsmanship found within Scully Leather is noteworthy.

Today Scully both manufactures and crafts many leather products. Some of their leather products such as leather handbags made in Spain are imported. Imported leather products come from Italy, Spain and Germany. The Scully Quality is still maintained.

Product Lines: Real Leather Clothing (Jackets, Blazers and Vests For Men And Women Contemporary and Western Style), Bags (Handbags,Briefcases,Backpacks,Gym Bags), Luggage, Footwear (Slippers), Office Accessories (Desk Sets, Planners, Organizers, Journals), Small Accessories (Jewelry Box, Watch Case), and Furniture (Chairs, Recliner, Hassock)

Notable Facts: Scully’s leather products are manufactured from the finest leather available, carefully selected from “A” grades, with special attention to surface quality and softness. Their craftsmanship is outstanding. Each product is hand-crafted with every possible concern for detail and a sincere regard for longevity.

Their product line began with gloves and jackets; however, they have expanded to include so many more useful products made from leather.

Material Used:

Real Genuine Leather
Where It Comes From:

Scully Leather comes from the United States, Italy, Germany and Spain.

Their leather jackets and vests, chairs for the home and office, recliners, hassocks, small wearable accessories and office accessories are manufactured and crafted in the United States.

Their gloves, slippers, shopper bags, handbags, lockable envelopes and watch cases are crated in Italy.

Leather handbags, computer document cases and vanity cases are crated in Spain.

The majority of leather cosmetic kits and clutch purses are crafted in Germany.

When Used: Scully uses calfskin leather and lambskin for their wearable products. Chairs, bags, and accessories are made primarily from calfskin. For an extra elegant touch of beauty, small office accessories and purses are made from python, alligator and crocodile skin.

Leather Selection

Top Grain Calf Skin

Top Grain Calf Skin Leather

Scully uses Top Grain calfskin for a soft uniform surface look.  Calf skin does not have as many defects as cowhide; though top grain has a newly stamped grain on the top of the leather to give it a uniform grain look. It is soft and supple, but firmer than lambskin. It is real leather so has the smell and feel of genuine leather. It is durable.

Scully uses calfskin for bags, chairs, and accessories such as wallets, and garden tool kits

Lamb Skin Leather

Lamb Skin Leather

Lamb skin is used because it is even softer with a finer grain than calfskin. It contours to the body’s shape; therefore it is used for jackets, vests and other clothing items. Its light weight makes it even a better choice for cold weather jackets that are lined with lamb sheer. Lambskin leather feels more comfortable and lighter than calfskin  so is perfect for fashion garments.

Scully uses lambskin for its wearable garments such as jackets, blazers, vests and shirts.

Suede Calf Skin Leather

Suede Calf Skin leather

Suede calf skin is real leather taken from the underside of the hide. It is the layer closest to the calf’s flesh. It has a velvety look and feel.  The nap of the leather has tiny, raised hairs on its surface. Because it is not full grain leather, it is softer, thinner. It is often known as split leather.

Scully uses suede for some of its jackets, especially those of Western style, slippers and accessories.

Boar Suede Leather

Suede Boar Leather

Boar leather is used most frequently for its suede side. Compared to calf suede. the texture is not as tight and therefore more nappy. It makes a great suede leather alternative to calf suede though it is not as strong and tear resistant.

Scully uses Boar Suede for jackets and vests, especially the Western style because it looks and feels more rugged.

Python Skin

Python Skin

Python skin is a symbol of luxury. Its look is so unique. The majority of Python leather comes from breeding farms. The skin is great to work with because of its large surface area. Its unique scale look and beauty are heightened because it can be easily dyed and therefore provide many fashion options.

Python leather products do require a little extra care to keep them from flaking and drying out; however using natural creams to moisturize the leather, retains their luster for a long time.

Scully uses python skin for office accessories, belts and small purses.

Alligator Skin

Alligator Skin Leather

Alligator skin is certainly a luxury. It feels soft because it has very little bone structure. In addition it readily absorbs dyes so has a consistent finish. Its cellular structure is most intriguing. Unlike crocodile skin its larger squares gradually get smaller and make for a more interesting asymmetrical pattern.

Alligator skin is used by Scully for office accessories as well as belts and such accessories as key chains.

Crocodile Skin

Crocodile Skin Leather

Unlike the asymmetrical tile layout of the alligator leather, crocodile tile are symmetrical, that is to say the tile pattern is much more uniform in size and shape. The belly side of the crocodile is used for leather because it is soft enough to craft. Genuine crocodile skin can be identified by a small dot found in each tile where a hair follicle existed before the tanning process.

Scully uses both crocodile and alligator leather for its belts, wallets and other small accessories. The distinguishing factor as to which leather to buy is  primary based on the tile style preferred for exquisite taste.

Scully Leather Products

Scully is known for its real leather products made with a variety of leather types and finishes including Calf Skin, Lamb Skin, Calf and Boar Suede, Python, Alligator and Crocodile Leather.

These leathers are designed by skilled artisans making products that will be your favorites for a long time. Scully represents over a century of United States leather quality for wearable fashion and accessories for the office and home.
Scully Leather Products

  • Clothing – Jackets, Vests, Blazers, Coats
  • Bags – Casual, Office and Travel; Styles Include Messenger, Clutch, Bucket, Shopping, Backpack, Briefcase, Gym, Duffel, Cosmetic, Makeup, Toiletry, Tote, and Luggage
  • Office Accessories – Desk Sets, Desk Pads, Planner, Notebook Covers, Organizers, Folders, Binders, Paper Trays, Pen and Pencil Cases, Canisters, Journals, Document Cases, Letter Envelops, Zippered Pad Folios, Wastebaskets, Flask and such
  • Furniture – Chairs For The Office and Home, Recliners, Sofas, Hassocks.
  • Small Accessories – Holders for Keys, Key Chains, Dopp Kit, Gardening Kit, Jewelry Boxes, Cuff Link Kit, Watch Cases and more.
  • Accessories – Wallets For Men, Women And Travel, Luggage Tags, Eye Glass Sleeves, Passport Holders, Belts, and Winter Weather Gloves
  • Footwear – Slippers
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