Leather Mule Shoes For Women

Leather Mule Shoes For Women Are Perfect For Fashion, Comfort And Versatility Where Ever You Go. Shop Our Selection Of Best Leather Mules For Women.

What are Leather Mule Shoes?

Women who are shopping for them often get confused because designers combine styles yet still call them mules. Here is the truest definition of a mule shoe.

Mule shoes are characterized by a closed toe and an open back with no platform, which is a thick sole. The portion of the shoe above the sole definitely covers the mid portion of the foot with some portion extending back to the heel. Mules do not have straps to hold them on; however some may have an elastic gore at the mid-foot section.

They are a type of slide because they are easy to slide on and off the foot. Nothing restrains the heel.

They are not clogs. Clogs are much like mules because they have open backs and closed toes; however the heels of clogs are constructed differently. Clogs have a thick platform base for their sole and the heel is part of the platform. In many parts of the world the platform is made from carved wood.

They are not sandals. Sandals are open at the heel and the front of the foot. In fact sandals do not cover much of the top part of the foot. Generally sandals are shoes with a sole and straps to hold the shoe on.

Leather makes mules extra special because it is the most durable and easy to keep looking nice for a long time.

Mules offer fashion for a dance, class for the office and comfort for the shopper. Gone are the days when they are drab and ugly. Their fashion is evolving; therefore designers will be sure to keep them around forever. They make a great fashion addition to a woman’s wardrobe.

How To Buy Mules

Buying mules is made easier with pre planning. Knowing the options available will make the shopping decision easier. The following seven options should be considered when buying mules.

1) To What Events Will They Be Worn?

Current available styles include penny loafer, loafer, casual, sneaker, moccasin, western, high heeled dress, garden, slippers and more.

It is the heel height that makes these shoes appropriate for almost any occasion. Heels for dressy occasions are high or mid and are most commonly known as silhouettes and kitten keels. Heels for casual events are stack, wedge or flat.

2) What Heel Height Is Best?

The following heel heights are available: high heel, kitten heel, block heel, and flats. The kitten heel is one to two inches in height; the stiletto is very high and narrow coming to a point at the ground; the chunky is a thick rectangular-shaped heel, and the stacked has several layers stacked on top of each other.

3) What Degree Of Comfort Is Needed?

Cushioning has become an important feature in the mules. Cushioning may be provided by memory foam which is a dense foam for heel cupping and arch support, eva (ethelene vinyl acetate) which is light weight and resists compression, orthoLite long term cushioning, breathe ability, and moisture management for all day comfort and support, and croslite which is a closed cell resin material which is not plastic nor rubber. Croslite material is closed-cell in nature and anti-microbial, which virtually eliminates odor. It is an extraordinary impact absorbing resin material developed for maximum cushioning.

4) What Kind Of Material Is Desirable?

The Uppers

The most durable and easiest to maintain is real leather. The most common real leather used is kid suede or nappe, patent leather, and lux leather (luxurious leather).

Manmade materials are also used. The most common manmade material is synthetic material, canvas, and faux leather (fake, manmade).

The Lining

The lining of the shoe covers the inside seams of the shoe and lengthen the shoe’s lifespan. Linings are meant to be cushion and comfort for the foot and draw out moisture. The materials commonly used include suede, textiles such as Cotton and viscose, or other man made materials that aid moisture-wicking.

The Sole Material

Polyurethane (PU) is commonly used because it consists many tiny air bubbles which provide unbeatable shock absorption and durability; the amount of air bubbles in the compound determines the sole’s shock absorption and durability capacity.
Thermo Plastic Rubber (TPR) soles are also used in some brands. It is produced by compounding and molding rubber granules of solid raw material. Thermo Plastic Rubber is renowned for its slip resistance and shock absorption, especially if old shredded tires are not used.

Latex Rubber provides a soft sole with great bounce, flexibility, good shock absorption and excellent surface grip.

Genuine leather is used on many mules with leather uppers. Leather does not wear as well as the rubber compound soles, and certainly does not have good slip resistance or shock absorption, but it is very popular and highly desired by those people who want an all leather mule.

5) How Much Decoration Is Appropriate?

Most mule shoes have additional decoration on the uppers such as crisscross straps, woven geometric cutouts, perforated vamp, cutouts and inlays, tumbled finish, silver or gold buckles, links or rings, tassels, emblems, decorative stitching, bows, studs, floral design imprinted on the leather. When these decorative additions are used along with a high heel these shoes look very classy.

6) What About The Toe Style?

Toe shapes currently available include pointed, square-boxy, rounded, almond toe which creates a softer, more tapered rounded point to its toe, and square toed. Toe shapes come and go; therefore anything style goes. Probably the most important question is, what feels more comfortable.

7) What About The Designer Or Brand?

Among popular designers and brands we have Steve Madden from New York, Clarks a shoemaker since 1825, Franco Sarto an Italian designer who began his career at fourteen, Dolce Vita of Manhattan who began shoe making in 2000, Sam Edelman who has been a creative footwear visionary for over thirty years, Vince Camuto an American women’s footwear designer who co-founded Nine West and died in 2015 but his designs live on, Paul Andrew from in England in 1979 with an eye for shoe design, Jambu with headquarters located in Massachusetts, Randy Merrell who has designed shoes for over thirty years and is known for the signature blue shoe laces, White Mountain of New Hampshire who began in 1979 and now owns Rialto, Cliffs, Summit, White Mountain and Seven Dials, Skechers located in California but known around the world, G.H. Bass which began in Main in 1876 and is known for Weejuns the original penny loafer, Ivanka Trump who found a need among women to have accessibly priced shoes and handbags and launched her own company a few years after 2007, CROCS a shoe manufacturer founded by Scott Seamans, Lyndon “Duke” Hanson, and George Boedecker, Jr. on a mission to produce and distribute a foam clog design acquired from a Quebec company called Foam Creations, Sloggers with its beginning in California in 1948 with Drizzle Boots, and UGG with designer Brian Smith began in southern California in 1978.


Leather mule shoes for women provide style, comfort and versatility.  Designers and manufacturers are committed to adding new fashions and features yearly.  Mule shoes add a whole new dimension to fashion. We suggest you include mules in your wardrobe. Let us know which pair is your favorite and why.

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